A-Trak shares sharp scratch routine of Porter Robinson and Madeon's 'Shelter'

‘s taste in music is generally a pretty solid barometer for what’s hot right now. He closely keeps up with fan favorite pop, dance, and hip-hop, but where he differs from the rest us mere mortals is his ability to step behind Technics and a mixer and do something magical with the earworms he’s into. In the tail-end the year, A-Trak has ramped up his video channel, frequently sharing short scratch routines and personal edits the tracks that are in his rotation at the moment. He’s covered , , , , and more, though his latest addition to the ‘#REALDJing’ video series is a flawless tribute to and ‘s sweeping success “.”

Clocking in at just a minute, A-Trak chops up the young superstars’ hit collaboration with his legendary Midas touch, finessing his way through immaculate padwork and scratch breakdowns. Not quite a remix, but rather an homage so to speak, A-Trak’s rendition “Shelter” and obvious seal approval for the next generation dance music’s torch carriers.

A-Trak shares sharp scratch routine  Porter Robinson and Madeon's 'Shelter'

Author: Werner Nolette

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