An Australian Promoter Crew Has Just raised Six Figures for a Special Charity

An Australian Promoter Crew Has Just raised Six Figures for a Special Charity

Even if it’s giving a couple dollars to a charity or grabbing a copy of the Big Issue through the week, chances are you are making a difference no matter how small the contribution and to be entirely honest it feels pretty damn good!

Proving that ten fold is Mike Toner from Thick As Thieves – a Melbourne based promoter that has brought some of the world’s best DJs to our country including Patrick Topping, Andhim, Kolsch and plenty more.

Since 2011 he’s been throwing events at the iconic Melbourne venue Revolver with a cast of international talent, often giving up their time and fees for free to help the The Fred Hollows Organisation that looks to restore eyesight of those in need in developing countries.

The success of the events has meant DJs once asked to give up fees, now reach out to see if they can play when touring as Mike explains;

“At the beginning, we used to ask the DJs if they’d be happy to donate one evening for free to The Fred Hollows Foundation, but it’s been such a success over the years that now, the DJs get in touch to ask if they can do a gig for Fred when they’re in Australia!”

Recently he cracked an eye-watering milestone in raising a cool $500,000 for the charity. At $25 a pop to get those peepers sorted, it means he’s helped restore the eyesight of some 20,000 people. HOLY HELL!

Mike and his company aren’t looking for a pat on the back and instead want to let people know they too can make a difference with the hope other promoters in Australia give it a go and show just how special this scene is!

If you’ve ever wondered just how special The Fred Hollows Organisation is, check out the video below