Autolaser – Down ft Sturla Larsen – Dancing Astronaut

Oslo-born producer  has unveiled his latest single, “Down,” a progressive pop tune featuring sugary vocals from Norwegian singer Sturla Larson. Out ‘s , the new track came together naturally in under a week for Autolaser and his longtime mentee. The artist explains that it was “kinda fated for them] to have an ficial song together,” and it shows: Autolaser’s swooning production perfectly supports Larson’s yearning vocal chops.

“The song was recorded with a lot live instruments (guitars, percussions, synths, vocals) from a small bedroom,” he says. “And if you picture that, I’m pretty sure you can hear the raw recordings really good. Which makes the track so warm and dynamic. I love that quality, it makes it so personal.”

Autolaser - Down ft Sturla Larsen - Dancing Astronaut

Author: Gabriella Thorby

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