Burning Man could soon expand to 100,000 attendees

Black Rock City may be preparing to welcome more burners soon.organizers recently met with state ficials from Nevada’s Bureau Land Management to discuss the local and environmental impacts expanding the annual event to a capacity up to 100,000 over the next few years. Organizers met with Nevada residents from the communities closest to the event, from Lovelock, Reno, and Gerlach to discuss their future plans for the week-long gathering. The festival is also hoping to obtain more land, reportedly eyeing an additional 500 acres for future iterations the event.

Burning Man has been anchored in Black Rock City, Nevada since 1990. Attendance has steadily grown year over year, and is currently capped at 68,000 burners annually. The proposed plan would raise the event’s capacity to 80,000 and then possibly 100,000 participants gradually over the next few years. The Bureau Land Management is expected to release more details on the agreed upon conditions for future Burning Man gatherings in late 2018, with a final draft expected sometime in 2019.


Burning Man could soon expand to 100,000 attendees

Author: Arla Peart

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