Chipotle Wants You To Create a Track Using Its Ingredients

Chipotle has an almost cult-like following addicted customers. The company is notoriously reserved when it comes to fering coupons or deals, because it doesn’t really need to. However, Chipotle is fering up a rare opportunity for free stuff and combining it with DJ culture.

It’s called SAVOR.WAVS and there’s a video above that explains the concept. Chipotle teamed up with RZA to create a mix inspired by the chain’s 51 ingredients. Each ingredient was made into a musical stem and can be mixed. In fact, the stems were remixed by Wu-Tang Clan, Griz, AWOLNATION, and PANG! The stems are all on too.

The promotion encourages you to create your own mix by simply choosing your typical Chipotle order ingredients. After you make your selection your mix is created and you can enter your cell phone information to receive a BOGO coupon. You can check out Griz’ Chipotle track using the stems below. Head on over and join in .

Author: Cletus Castaldo

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