Cruise Control Collective: Where Entrepreneurship Meets Electronic Dance Music

Cruise Control Collective: Where Entrepreneurship Meets Electronic Dance Music

Good Morning Dance Music Fans! As we’re always dedicated to bringing you the best in up and coming dance music, we also like to focus on all of the talent within the dance music scene, even if that talent doesn’t involve production or spinning. The Dance Music scene is a landscape of opportunity for honest, hard working individuals and is a utopia for collaborative efforts to lend a hand, creating one of the most diverse employment opportunities for young entrepreneurs. This is exactly the mind-set of the Cruise Control Collective.

The company is led by Adam Leopold, CEO and two Senior Talent Buyers, Dylan Long and Ryan Burnett. The three have been close friends and business advisors to each-other for years now and are finally excited to have a chance to launch something together.

Cruise Control Collective is a freelance talent buying consulting service with one ambitious goal; to simplify the complicated booking industry by talent buying on behalf of the venues. Their focus is within the electronic dance music industry with aspirations to grow to other genres.

The Cruise Control Collective saves venues the cost of salary of a full-time talent buyer, and time, energy, and wasted efforts spent negotiating and coordinating contracts. CCC empowers venues who find themselves competing against corporate talent buyers such as Live Nation, Disco Donnie, Bowery Presents, and many others.

We got a chance to sit down with one of the companies founders, Adam Leopold, a Philadelphia Native, where the CCC is centrally located.

We wanted to first and foremost understand what kind of services and plans the group intends to bring to the community.

After getting a general feel for the business, Adam let us know how the Cruise Control Collective is different from any other agency that operates similar to theirs.

It seems the Cruise Control Collective is ready to take the dance music scene by storm and elevate not only up and coming artist to a super-star level, but also take often struggling venues to new heights, increasing client-tel and making sure all parties involved find success.

Keep on a lookout for Adam and his crew at the Cruise Control Collective, and as Adam puts it best: