Excision Announces Tentative Dates for Lost Lands 2018

Excision Announces Tentative Dates for Lost Lands 2018

Thornville, Ohio played host to arguably one the craziest DnB and Dubstep music festivals in the country, . Talented artists graced the massively successful dinosaur themed festival this year. The likes which include some major headbangers including , Zeds Dead, Excision, and many more. Jeff Abel aka Excision took to twitter to take suggestions from ‘The Headbanger’ community about next year’s dates.

After stating that he would like to get the festival moved to an earlier date by two weeks he posted the following to the Excision Headbanger’s Facebook group,

“Resonance Fest is the week before us, and setting up in 4 days cost us a ton and was insanely stressful having to work multiple crews 24 hours a day to get everything done in time.”

Fortunately, the response was positive and Excision soon followed up with,

“I’ve been reading all your feedback and it seems like it would work better for a lot you.”

Whatever happens, a festival that produces 500,000 watts Bass and has a Dinosaur as it’s spirit animal will always find a way in our calendars.