Exclusive: Nytrix & Luciana release music video for 'Trouble' [Watch]

Los Angeles producer  and talented vocalist  have released a DA exclusive music video for their highly esteemed house track “Trouble.” The video, which was directed by Nytrix himself, is an energy-filled roller coaster what is essentially a futuristic, comic book-esque world brought to life — a sort mixed version Tron and Star Wars with brighter colors. It features Nytrix and Luciana flying through what they call a “cyberpunk city” and robbing a highly secure bank, with a fight scene in the middle that was inspired by the 1995 Batman Forever look.

“I wanted to make something visual stimulating that kept the viewers attention throughout the entire video,” Nytrix says his inspiration for the video. “I did this by constantly changing set and wardrobe design around every 30 seconds, unveiling a new page in the story.”

Author: ili

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