Flitz&Suppe joins Tusken. for collaborative 'Nomads Void' album

Flitz&Suppe and Tusken.’s music is on an entirely different wavelength.

It should come as no surprise then that the latter group is named after the fictional Sand people’s language the Star Wars universe. The artists internalized that nomadic inspiration into an exploratory downtempo hip-hop work named Nomads Void. The result is a celestial hip-hop collection that is an instrumental amalgamation sure to blast those who listen to a distant interplanetary domain.

Having joined forces on different projects in the past, Flitz&Suppe and tusken.’s Nomads Void is a soothing symbiosis  the two beatmakers’ M.O’s. Similar to the long-employed trip-hop styles both the venerable  and , Nomads Void is an enthralling odyssey, complete with compelling drumline cadence, and raw, vintage cuts that can’t help but imbue a lo-fi-aesthetic that begs to come in peace.




Flitz&Suppe joins Tusken. for collaborative 'Nomads Void' album

Author: Madalene Ferro

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