German artist accuses Taylor Swift of plagiarism

German artist accuses Taylor Swift of plagiarism

‘s most recent single returned her to the center the public eye, where fellow artists would train their eyes on Taylor for all the wrong reasons. Several artists, including , have following the release her first single, “Look What You Made Me Do.”

Swift was undaunted by the accurate and scathing reaction to the single, and has now released a second “…Ready For It?”  German rap artist Casper certainly was, as he is alleging that Swift plagiarized his track “Lang lebe der Tod.”

“Lang lebe der Tod” dropped three-days ago on September 1. The track does bear striking similarities to Taylor’s single in its use a three note/break song pattern, especially at the 1:09 minute mark, a key point comparison between the two songs, as Casper on Twitter. While not exact copies, the pattern and the use distorted basses and growling percussion elements do seem to line up in parallel.

The Swift camp is unlikely to concede to any allegation plagiarism — the proximity both releases is curious and would seemingly work in Swift’s favor, though the similarities between the two are jarring and hard to deny — leaving you to decide whether Taylor Swift’s latest single might be “something borrowed” at best.

German artist accuses Taylor Swift  plagiarism