Krayysh – Talk To Me ft Joyia (Mat Zo Remix)

Krayysh – Talk To Me ft Joyia (Mat Zo Remix)

It’s hard to know what to expect when releases a new song. Most recently, the music world was captivated by his bass-heavy with , which was followed a few months later by a cheery house track called “.” Not even a month later, he’s followed up with something entirely unlike either the aforementioned tracks: an experimental remix ‘s “Talk To Me.”

This year, he’s taken the new producer under his wing. Krayysh’s music seems almost as diverse as Mat Zo’s, with releases varying from the -like deep bass “” to lighter numbers like “Talk To Me,” which originally came out just a few days ago on Nov. 13.

Mat Zo has reworked the lighthearted track into a lengthy experimental venture, exploring elements across all genres electronic music production. He kicks f the six-minute journey focused on Joyia’s vocals before delving deeper into a drum and bass build-up. Racing synths and long, dramatic builds have doubled the original track in length as Mat Zo explores every inch the track’s potential.

In what could perhaps best be described as a cohesive whirlwind, Mat Zo again demonstrates his array production talents, securing his position as a timeless creative and leaving no genre untouched.

Krayysh - Talk To Me ft Joyia (Mat Zo Remix)