Lido drops fresh remix of Kris Wu track ‘Deserve’ ft. Travis Scott’

The super-producer Lido drops a creatively spun remix the 88rising producer Kris Wu’s banger with Travis Scott titled ‘Deserve’. Boy… Lido takes this on an experimental trip, proving his genius and a sound creator and boundary pusher in hip/hop production. Coming f the back highly praised remixes for Peking Duk, Goldlink and Portugal The Man, there’s no reason not be hyped for this new one here and jeeez… he delivers.

The track blazes switching between pretty, bright pianos and a rumbling drop that features fluttering percussion and overwhelmingly hard bass. The production is completely elevated from the original but keeps Travis’ fantastic vocal performance virtually untouched. His voice sticks out just as much as it does in the original and adds an awesome texture on top all the incredible soundplay going on. What ties all this together along with Travis is the tastefully executed atmospheric synths that are laden over the top, which really makes the track feel cohesive and complete.

Great job Lido! It’s wild and awesome!

Author: Madalene Ferro

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