One Of Bass Music's Rising Stars Has Died To Cancer

Another devastating blow came to the drum and bass and EDM communities early on Thursday, June 8 this week, as Low Down Deep artist and one bass music’s favorite new talents, DJ Dominator succumbed to cancer. The announcement was made about Neil Aldred being diagnosed with cancer only five days before the shocking announcement on Thursday.

Aldred as Dominator was considered one drum and bass’s most promising up-and-comers, at his young age having already worked with the likes Andy C, Heist, Friction and Upgrade. He was known for his heavy version jump up and his complex musical arrangements, which ten had elaborate orchestral drops next to heavy basslines. Dominator recently played as some the biggest drum and bass festivals in the world, including Innovation and Breakin Science.

The dance community has taken to Twitter in shock and grief over Dominator’s untimely death, fering their condolences and support to his family, and sharing stories about the drum and bass artist whose life was cut so short. A Kickstarter will be posted shortly on social media to help Aldred’s family with medical and memorial costs.

Author: Hazel Branstetter

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