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Arguably, one the most indisputable barometers for success within the dance music industry is an artist’s ability to engender fervent speculation over potential collaborations with other influential figures in the scene. In the past few months, has become the subject collaboration conjecture in the scene more than any other producer, excepting .

Isabelle Rezazadeh has made waves throughout her ever-growing fanbase  fairly innocuous tweets regarding and . Now, speculation has once again arisen for a collaboration with one the most exciting candidates yet, Alison Wonderland. As has been the case with the aforementioned partnership theories, this notion comes from a casual Twitter conversation between the artists, but appears to have more concrete evidence being in the works.

Last night, June 14,  tweeted a screenshot to REZZ an unrequited FaceTime in which the Australian artist left a number files visible on her desktop, including a number downloads which she later bashfully acknowledged. The artists’ followers were quick to point out that the significant information revealed in Alison’s screenshot wasn’t her downloads Harry Potter pictures and unidentified a capellas. 

Alison Wonderland’s screenshot reveals a number audio files labeled “rezz alison 1002.” Its impossible to say with certainty if these files indeed hold a collaboration between the two artists, but the number drafts that are visible (13-15) indicates that this hopeful speculation is likely the case.

Whether this “leak” was unintentional or pre-planned is unclear, but also insignificant. The evidence that suggests a collaboration exists between the two producers is almost as compelling as the hypothetical song would surely be.


REZZ and Alison Wonderland appear to have a collaboration on the way - Dancing Astronaut

Author: Shannan Majewski

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