Sable is back with a brand new stellar tune!

Sable is back with a brand new stellar tune!

2 years. It has taken Sable 2 years to release a new track. Longed for, the song does not disappoint. A happy moment for longtime Sable fans, no doubt.

He has stayed relatively quiet about the new release, posting the track on his Facebook page and fering up a few words at the same time: “It’s taken me nearly two years to fall back in love with music.”

“This soundtrack contains parts both return and reunion, both available in the near future (with their close friend Reality)! When people talk about making music they love, it is ten in opposition to making music as a way life. I’m finally returning to the kind music I love, and I hope you can share in that.”

This no longer feels like a job for Sable, no tedious hours were put into this track. He loved every minute the production the track, which shines through the track itself. It builds up, your anticipation building with the beat. When it hits around 3 minutes, a subtle, smooth drum beat comes in with heavy amount bass seeping through.

Sable wraps it up with “It’s good to be back.”

Give his new tune (Re)turn/(Re)union/Reality a spin below!