Savoy Drop 12-Track Remix Album for “Tomorrow Today Pt. 1”

A couple months back, livetronica trio  began releasing remixes their latest EP, Tomorrow Today, Pt. 1, beginning with their own VIP the track “The Wolf.” To the joy their fans, they continued to release quality remix after quality remix on a weekly basis from artists such as , Light House, and . Now the group has put the full pack forth, and it’s a hefty one – 12 remixes in total, all available for free. One the standout tracks in the pack is the remix “The Wolf” from , who creates a uniquely heavy and groovy midtempo groove – dubbed “industrial pop” – that highlights the dark, eery side Bright Lights’ catchy vocals to an even greater degree than Savoy’s own remix. Darkness aside, the remix pack’s 12 tracks span many genres and will have something for just about everyone. From almost tropical easy-listening to weird and wonky bass; melodic house to dubstep and many genres in between. For those that missed them on their live tour, they are switching it up and playing a series DJ sets across the States this summer. The full schedule for these shows can be found .        

Author: Barry Voisine

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