Solomun reigned as King of the Yuma on Coachella Day 2 – Dancing Astronaut

Saturdays tend to be epic occasions, and the festival’s heralded second day proved to be no aberration from this tradition in 2017. Across the board, the second day this year’s Coachella saw moments great momentum for the attending fanbases their favored artists. headlined perhaps the festival with all the pomp, circumstance, and intrigue that one would expect from Mother Monster. that he’s evolved from a highly-followed DJ to a bona fide headliner candidate, closing out the Outdoor Stage while performed in the Sahara Tent. Future brought out and as special guests, while to perform their hit, “Scared to be Lonely,” onstage.

However, amid the objectively exciting frivolities the aforementioned, there was likely no Coachella performance as enthralling as Solomun’s. The Diynamic label-head is perhaps best-known for three things: his masterful house productions, his knack to purvey a set which appeals to any crowd, and his internationally-beloved “dad moves.”

While many spectators predicted a somewhat mellow deep house fering from the German-based vanguard, he fully harnessed his talent fitting the mood the venue and crowd alike with his 9:30 set in the Yuma Tent. For an hour and a half, the DJ dominated his attendees with a formidable blend techno, house, and progressive music which captured the essence Yuma with pround power.

Solomun reigned as King  the Yuma on Coachella Day 2 - Dancing Astronaut

In the pitch blackness  the all-enveloping supra-club,  vacillated between overwhelming his audience with minimal, but abrasive cuts which echoed the visceral aggression Gesaffelstein and mesmerizing selections such as unreleased, yet widely-circulated remix The Smiths’ “How Soon Is Now.” In the Yuma’s remarkably well-tuned sound-system and magnanimous topography, Solomun achieved the majesty not a decorated DJ, but the biblical King Solomon himself.

While the DJ’s renowned dad moves were largely obscured by the cavernous darkness the venue, one can assume they were, nonetheless in rare form last night. After all, what reason would he have not to dance to his fullest degree rapture? Solomun not only threw the best party the weekend thus far – he curated a sensory journey the highest caliber.

Photos by Erik Voake, courtesy Coachella.

Solomun reigned as King  the Yuma on Coachella Day 2 - Dancing Astronaut

Author: Barry Voisine

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