Steve Aoki Says You'll See a Side of Vin Diesel You've Never Seen Before

By now, you've probably read stating that Vin Diesel thinks he'll win a Grammy for his collaboration with .

During a recent interview with Billboard, Steve Aoki spoke about the collaboration with the Fast and the Furious star, Vin Diesel.

“I was able to help capture an essence from Vin,” Aoki said. “He loves music. He’s a musical guy, but I think no one’s been able to help produce him to a place where he could really share a lot his vulnerabilities, and you’re going to hear that in his song. And you’re going to really feel it.”

Steve Aoki then said that Vin Diesel is so excited for the release and can't wait for others to hear it. “They’re going to see a side Vin, and they’re going to hear a side Vin, that no one’s ever experienced.”

Author: Gabriella Thorby

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