UPDATE: Fyre Festival Continues to Play Out Like a Bad Salvia Trip

Did you attend this year's Fyre Festival? If not I can kind give you a run down. If you did not attend, then have you ever smoked sal? Well I ask because the overall experience Fyre festival draws some shocking parallels to smoking this demon shrub. See, what happens when you smoke Sal is you get hit with a strong sense Euphoria for like 20 seconds. Then you just get launched into a horrible dream world insanity and delirium. Kind like how Fyre festival was marketed as a euphoric, incredible event but then ultimately ended up being a real life ‘lord the flies' recreation conducted by a frat bro and a rapper who has taken more L's than the Cleveland Browns.

UPDATE: Fyre Festival Continues to Play Out Like a Bad Sal Trip

We shared , which was shocking to say the least. Now we have an update how this tragedy continues to unfold.

Ja Rule and Billy McFarland Are Now Banned From Conducting Business in The Bahamas

Billy and Ja have ficially been banned from conducting any business in The Bahamas. The ministry tourism was barred from stepping into help before things got out hand because the event was a private gathering. Once reports came in the outrageous conditions, the government jumped in to help. Now they have ficially banned Ja and Billy from returning to conduct any business in the island nation.


Fyre Festival Gets Hyper Sketchy On Refunds

Ja and Billy should have reasonably just allowed the festival to die. Just take the L and move on. Ja Rule has been doing it for the last 20 years. But no. For some reason Billy and company took another long drag on the meth pipe insanity and fered ticket holders for this year's failed event 2 VIP tickets to ‘next years event' instead a refund. While taking the traditional refund route required a several page application. This is almost fensive. It demonstrates just how disconnected the organizers are from their public.


Fyre Festival Lawyers Threaten Twitter Users

I am currently an undergrad student. I have to make a media law class as a requirement for my major. I say this as a preface to this bullet point. I, with 3 hours a week amendment law education, over the last few months can destruct this legal threat. Now, let us continue.

Fyre festival lawyers have threatened a particular twitter user, stating that if the individual does not remove their tweets, and someone gets hurt as a result – they will hold said person accountable for the incidents. The lawyers are actually trying to say that the tweets put out by an individual are capable incitement. Let's look at Brandenburg v. Ohio which set a precedent on the topic incitement. It basically breaks down to the necessity clear and present danger, which these tweets clearly do not do. The other argument could be that the tweets are defamation character towards Fyre Festival, which as a public entity needs to pass the New York Times Actual Malice test. Since NYT Actual Malice was put in place to protect the freedom the press, it is more or less impossible to prove. So fuck Fyre Festival and it's attorneys who are trying to suppress public knowledge.


What could be possibly next for this Sal trip a festival. If we had to guess at some point Ja Rule is going to sue Billy or vise versa.

Author: Evelyn Ferro

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