Virtual Riot – Everyday ft Yosie (VIP) – Dancing Astronaut

is finishing f 2017 strong with a fiery VIP mix his summer track “Everyday.”

The song, which came out in July, was a light and breezy tune that showed a ster side the versatile producer. Featuring the alluring vocals Yosie, “Everyday” captured a perfect summer vibe.

Months later, Virtual Riot has released a VIP mix the song — one that’s much heavier than the original it’s derived from.

The VIP mix starts f much the same as the original: focused on Yosie’s soothing vocals over a lighthearted bed synths. Virtual Riot builds to something much more formidable, though, as he takes the listener through a bridge that contains elements drum & bass. The first drop is hard-hitting heavy bass and dubstep, while the second drop leans more to trap stylings.

The VIP mix serves has a perfect showcase for the variety genres the artist is well-versed at producing.

Virtual Riot - Everyday ft Yosie (VIP) - Dancing Astronaut

Author: Eustache Harris

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