Whipped Cream unleashes a fearsome 'She' – Dancing Astronaut

explores the dark depths the bass music spectrum with “She” — a single that refuses not ground itself in any one genre category. This unique aspect, which seems the blossoming producer combining elements drum ‘n’ bass, trap, and electronica into a cohesive work, elevates “She” above the daily mediocrity trap singles. Released on ‘s label, the single’s haunting atmosphere and “anything-goes” mentality, along with the percussion and arrangement concocts a truly dystopian them from top to bottom.

Canadian-bred Whipped Cream  has emerged as one the hottest trap acts on the LA circuit. Between raging live shows, steady popular releases, and a tasteful online presence rapidly consumed by her fan base, Whipped Cream is constantly converting bass fans into loyal followers.




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Whipped Cream unleashes a fearsome 'She' - Dancing Astronaut

Author: t4rs05wft

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