3 Picks from Tribal Trap

3 Picks from Tribal Trap

Personally, I have become a huge fan of the Tribal Trap imprint and their releases: with an insane amount of …

Personally, I have become a huge fan of the Tribal Trap imprint and their releases: with an insane amount of creative ideas and interesting names present, I rarely find the time to present my thoughts about them. Sure, the label keeps a tight schedule of 3-4 releases per week, that surprisingly doesn’t correspond to a drop in quality, but a wider catalogue of genres and styles. Dubstep, Future Bass, Hip Hop: a varietal of influences, mashed together in explosive, fun and entertaining offerings. It is a world to get lost into, and for today, I’ll introduce three TT releases from past month that caught my attention. I am diving in the “Future Bass” rabbit hole at the moment, evidently.

Mordrez – Eternity (ft. SOULIE)

A melancholic hymn about loss, wonderfully performed by the vocalist SOULIE over a charismatic base from Mordrez. Clear indications of Illenium-inspired vibes, minus the clichés of Melodic Dubstep: instead, its woven around a delicate breakdown shattered by a thundering drop which plays with a complex sequence of vocal chops. Not sure for which detail to appreciate the most here, with the frequent switching between the vocals and samples in the drop providing a stunning experience! And did I mention before that the vocal is enchanting? Especially in the build-up!

Simper – Lost In Space

It may sound fragile to the ears, but shockingly its ability to mix a calm and peaceful structure with a bassline which somewhat sounds static, even if it had the potential to be worked around with. It is more of an ambient style “Chillstep” instrumental. Upon hearing this niche of the style, Simper has established himself for sure. Not a huge admirer of such minimalism, but this tune made me think twice before attributing it a lower rating.

JERAN – Vision

This one constantly poked while being in my archive. And fortunately I had time to analyze it with precision. The vocal loop does not feel monotonous, thanks to a magical atmosphere that commits to another “dreamy” feeling to the experience. Future Bass drop again, that hits pretty hard with standard leads, with special attention to smaller details which add up for a distinguished outcome, a unique schematic at presentation here. A solid production with a finesse at sound design, this is a must listen.