3 Songs for… Taking a Break

3 Songs for… Taking a Break

If you have kept a careful watch on our blog lately, you might have noticed that I haven’t written as …

If you have kept a careful watch on our blog lately, you might have noticed that I haven’t written as much lately; after a productive run featuring various 90 pluses and blasting a few with the lower ratings, creative block hit me from nowhere. Lacking any inspiration, I scrolled endlessly through multitudes of new music from past Friday, without finding anything interesting. Thus I prefered to take a step back and leaving the writing space to other team members, while managing the technicalities of blog. Anyways, this is my shot at clearing the hinderance, as I know to tackle this from past several years.

Today I will be writing about EDM, but the casual spectrum of it. I present you three relaxing releases that might have went under the radar for other listeners and accompanied me during this “empty” weeks. I decided to highlight these talented names and to surprise the audience reading this, who might be expecting something rather “club-friendly”. This is a weird and rough patch of time, but I enjoy speaking about new stuff. Hope you enjoy my handpicked selection featured in the next paragraphs as much as I did!

Carroty – Don’t Forget

Classic pop hybrid with Chillstep abd an amazing vocal, it performs on a delicate base that hypnotized me with arp and a solid set of percussion. The vocal chops during various moments of the riff stunned me, while the minimalist approach kept me intrigued further. “Don’t Forget” is like that vibrant drink that makes one more thirsty for it, leaving me spiritually re-hydrated after several repeats.

JohnT – Show Me Love

JohnT is a native of electronic music’s epicentre, France. Having impressed me for years with his passion, I am finally taking time for speaking about one of his many other impressive works. “Show Me Love” is a funky tune with slight Future House vibes, and reminded me of a more laid-back version of “Hello” from Martin Solveig. Peaceful breakdown, enhanced by the vocal followed by rhythmic sections of drums in the groove. Assigning a label to this style wouldn’t justify it, as the idea is quite groundbreaking!

Maxi Meraki – To The Top (ft. Tasty Lopez)

I never could indulge as much in Disco House, let alone calling myself a fan of it but this song here is an unexpected one for me! The Belgian alias Maxi Meraki delivered a playful and groovy production that captured my attention entirely with a magical vocal loop and a clever set of drum ensemble, supporting a jazzy main lead. While Disco isn’t my go-to genre, these vibes are magnetic for my creativity-craving ears.