80s Hip-Hop is Back on WIB Rap Radio • Word Is Bond

80s Hip-Hop is Back on WIB Rap Radio • Word Is Bond

There are a lot hip-hop classics in this mix spanning four decades.

We start it f some some classics from the early 1980s including the Fearless Four, World Famous Supreme Team, Run-DMC, Treacherous Three, and Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five.

We then feature some the 1990s staples including Tha Alkaholiks, Main Source, and Swollen Members.

Up next the 2000s with a dope Canadian posse cut by Classified featuring Eternia, Dl Incognito, and the one and only Maestro Fresh Wes. We have great new music from this decade as well featuring Baba Brinkman, Substantial, Nilla, Rel McCoy, and much more.

Press play and enjoy this trip through time that DJ Chase March led us on this past week live on CHRW during The Word is Bond Rap Radio program.

“My goal was to bring the 80s back to kick f the show. I hadn’t intended this little trip through time. That’s the power live radio and improvised mixsets. I had a blast bringing this show to you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did” – Chase March

Fearless Four – Rockin’ It
World Famous Supreme Team – Hey DJ
Run-DMC – King Rock
Treacherous Three – Body Rock
Alkaholiks – Hip Hop Drunkies
Main Source – Snake Eyes
Fresh 3 MCs – Fresh
Baba Brinkman – Neighbourhood Athiesm
Del Reze ft Kiv, Traffimatics, Matter Fact (w/ DJ Chase March) – Reze Cypher 1
M-Dot – Days are all the Same
Substantial – The Sub Way
Tha Soloist – Left Ventricle
Homeboy Sandman – Speak Truth
Fresh Kils – Harder than a Brick
Swollen Members – Bottle Rocket
Ghost the Machine – Word to Yoda
Smoovth ft Bug Twinz – Winter Soldiers
Typewriters – The Trap
Mattic, Yago, Pitch – Book Blue
Ran Reed – Pathetic MCs
Stik Figa – Down Payment
Dan-e-o ft Classified, Kish, and Maestro – Vapors
Classified ft Eternia, Dl Incognito, Maestro – Just the Way It Is
Maestro Fresh Wes – Let Your Backbone Slide
Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five – Superappin’ 2
Nilla – The Illness
Rel McCoy – Ain’t Yours

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