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A Breath of Techno from Four Familiar Names: R3SPAWN, Kazden, Karasso, and Brunetti Finally Together in “Breathless”

A Breath of Techno from Four Familiar Names: R3SPAWN, Kazden, Karasso, and Brunetti Finally Together in “Breathless”

70%Overall Score

• Aura of mystery throughout
• Unusual vocal choice, appreciated
• Focus on the heavy bass rather than the melody

Once again, we find ourselves discussing a dream team of beloved artists. This time, it’s three names that have graced our reviews multiple times, finally coming together: R3SPAWN, Kazden, Karasso, and featuring Brunetti on vocals. I was highly anticipative of this collaboration, expecting an underground banger, especially considering the label, Dada Life’s Crash and Smile.

And I wasn’t left disappointed. “Breathless” begins with a slow build-up, creating an aura of mystery, and then the drop hits. It’s a dirty, aggressive mix of Big Room and Techno. The sound is gritty, with a focus on the bassline rather than a melodic approach. What’s unusual and appreciated is the vocal choice, which doesn’t bring the aggressive vibe one might expect.

The breakdown maintains the eerie, mysterious atmosphere in an elegant and minimal way. This attention to detail is praiseworthy because Kazden, R3SPAWN, and Karasso take their time to craft the appropriate ambiance. In the final moments of the climax, there’s a distinct feel reminiscent of Afrojack’s “Give Me Everything,” adding a touch of nostalgia to “Breathless” before the explosive final drop.

However, apart from a secondary lead in the background, the final drop lacks a unique element to truly elevate the track. There’s a sense that something more could have been added, but overall, I’m satisfied with the outcome. “Breathless” may seem like an easy target, but it achieves its objective with a solid performance. It undeniably works.

You can listen to “Breathless” here:

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