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A guide to Elements Festival's 'Wellnest' activities

From a single glance, one can ascertain the musical arrangement ofElements Music & Arts Festival is well-thought-out through and through. The Fire Stage boasts the most innovative names in deep and tech house, including Disclosure, Fisher, Justin Martin, and more. The Earth Stage gives festival-goers ground to dig their feet into as dub acts like Big Gigantic, CloZee, and Random Rab shake the floor. The Air Stage gets more into the heavy yet calming techno world through Seth Troxler, and Damian Lazarus, the genius behind Miami’s coolest party, Get Lost. More and more, boutique festivals are boasting their ability to curate—and not only the musical experience, but hosting activities that promote getting to know yourself on a deeper level physically and mindfully.

Elements Festival has released its wellness programming and schedules for Memorial Day weekend, and in its third year, it’s clear that after year one and two, this festival has attracted not only great musicians, but also the top tier of wellness activists and practitioners.


Opening Ceremony with Sputnik Silent Disco + Meditation Session | Arrive by 3 p.m. on Friday for a collective tuning through sonic mediation, mentally preparing for the journey of the weekend ahead. Together with Sputnik Yoga and through the use of silent disco headphones, create the space that the external is sure to demand.

Rhythm Flow Couples Thai Massage | Festivals can be very demanding on the body, though very fueling for the soul. The Rhythm Flow Massage workshop gets right into familiarizing festival goers how to lovingly care for their friends’ and lovers’ bodies and recognize their own body’s stresses and how to safely and effectively handle them through Thai techniques.

Party Braids 101 | The Goddess Maker will be closing down the Wellnest Friday with a 45-minute workshop on how to prepare hair for the action and events that are sure to come.


Sweet Dreams are Made of These | An often-overlooked need during festivals is sleep. Often festival-goers are keen to push their bodies and minds to the limit in the name of music, experience, and raw fun. Maya Jucntman from Gravity Blankets is here to help. A 45-minute nap goes a long way, and this program is sure to help in one way or another.

How to be Open Consent Workshop | Festivals often evoke humans’ most primal desires. Nothing is sexier than comfort in freedom and in nature, which are aspects Elements is sure to bring out in festival-goers. However, primal nature can often includes selfishness, thoughtlessness, and foolishness. This workshop will address sexual behaviors and guide festival-goers not only to a more responsible way of acting but a more sensual and rewarding way of interacting.

Drink + Draw | From 3 to 4:45 p.m., many people are taking it easy and lounging about, so what better time to do that thing you’ve been meaning to do on after work on Wednesday? Drink + Draw by The Graham Bar is sure to be a fun way to express yourself while meeting new people.

Open Heart Flow Yoga | To close down Saturday’s daylight activities, head over for Open Heart Flow Yoga. This yoga practice is the move to prepare the body, mind, and heart for the upcoming events of the evening.


Detox Flow | The Vibe Tribe will help you out Sunday. No matter what you’ve gotten into or up to at Elements or any festival, Sundays can be hard. This workshop will assist festival-goers in either ending their night or starting their day at 9 a.m.

Spirituality in Motion: Indian Classical Dance | Learn the colorful dance art of India just outside of the Wellnest hub at the House of Heart tepee healing center. This course focuses on the ancient practice of expression of emotion through dance and could be an ace in the hole on Sunday night.

Breathwork Stimulation | This workshop is one to take home. Following breath is the foundation of mindfulness meditation and mindful living. Though the party will be coming to an end, the method to end the madness will be coming home. Stimulate your mind and well-being through a deeper understanding and recognition of the most overlooked and constant activity: breathing.

These are just a few of the wellness programs that will help Elements be rewarding not only during the festival, but also moving forward in post-Elements life. Check out the full schedule and plan accordingly! Tickets are still available on the Elements website.

Photo credit: Julian Cassady

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