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A Real Future House Experience! “Real Thing” is a mix of sweet vocals and wobbling basses from NGTY and Wicks

• Clean, hard-hitting kick
• Sweet vocals, enhanced by slight details in the background
• Simplistic melody pattern

After taking some time to focus on the music that truly brings me joy, I’m thrilled to dive back into reviews with “Real Thing” by Belgian veteran NGTY and vocalist Wicks, released via Future House Music. This track is part of Futurism EP Vol. 9: Serenity, and among the collection, “Real Thing” truly stood out.

First off, Wicks’ vocal performance is captivating. Her voice, delicate and sweet, shines against the backdrop of a simple piano arrangement. This simplicity allows her vocals to take center stage, enhancing the emotional depth of the track and making it feel even more authentic.

The Future House drop is where NGTY’s expertise truly shines. Known for his long-running presence on the label, starting from “What We Had” with ALEV five years ago, NGTY has evolved while maintaining his signature sound. The drop in “Real Thing” features a classic Future House bassline complemented by Brazilian Bass vibes in the kick. The precision in the sound design is impeccable: the bass, the kick, the wobbling lead, and the subtle background chops create a rich, layered listening experience.

While the melody pattern is somewhat formulaic, the track’s clean and polished elements make it complex and entertaining. The breakdown sections, where Wicks’ vocals are the focal point, provide a perfect balance to the energetic drops.

“Real Thing” is a gem within the Future House label, combining a beautifully balanced tune with polished production. Despite a simplistic melody, the track’s overall execution and the sweet, detailed vocal performance by Wicks make it a standout piece. It’s a delightful addition to the Futurism EP and a testament to the evolving sound of NGTY.

You can listen to “Real Thing” here:

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