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A$AP Yams Day Concert Shut Down After Violence Erupts [VIDEO]

A concert honoring the late A$AP Yams ended in violence after a brawl erupted at the New York Expo Center in the Bronx, N.Y., on Thursday (Jan. 18).

Details are sketchy, but according to New York Daily News, while A$AP Rocky was on stage talking to the audience, when a fight broke out somewhere in the venue. The altercation grew out control and a stampede ensued.

Witnesses told the newspaper they heard shouting and chairs being thrown and possible sounds gunshots.

"It was super packed and we couldn’t tell what was happening,” said Anthony Bell, who attended the concert. “You could hear there was a fight, and it definitely sounded like there were gunshots."

"Everybody started running, and then it calmed down and there was a little pause, but then you could hear chairs being thrown again and I heard that gunshot sound again, so I was headed for the door,” he added.

Video has surfaced several men participating in the melee wielding bats and long pieces wood or metal. In another clip, A$AP Rocky is seen trying to intervene and stop the mayhem to no avail. The NYPD had no reports gunshots, but acknowledged that the event faced a “crowd control” issue.

Meanwhile, rapper Tekashi69, who performed just before the chaos, denied reports that he was involved in the brawl.

The annual Yams Day concert was started in 2016 to celebrate the life A$AP Mob founder A$AP Yams (real name Stephen Rodriguez), who died a drug overdose in 2015.

Check out video from the madness below.

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