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Adelaide’s nightlife and festivals are under attack

Seems like Sydney isn’t the only place that has had their small bars and clubs come under attack from state government with Adelaide venues now facing three to four times larger licensing fees in coming months

The South Australian Liberal government is behind the move which is looking at a ‘new, risk-based licensing system that requires all alcohol-selling venues in “high risk” areas, not just small bars, to pay additional fees.’ according to 7 News.

That all sounds rather innocuous but much like it’s big brother in Sydney, is an overreaching policy that sweeps up everyone in and around high risk areas.

Local bar owner Simon Orders, co-owner of one of Adelaide’s most popular night-time venues says he expects licenses to jump anywhere from $1,600 all the way up to $6,000 if brought into place, largely depending if you trade after 2am or so – a huge outlay without the known benefits of the increase it seems.

Stephen Mulligan, Shadow treasurer in South Australia’s says hotels and bars across the state are being stung by this “$3 million cash grab” in which governments chase low hanging fruit to bump up bottom lines.

There’s also talk of South Australian festivals getting a similar pay-per police action for its raft of recent events including the on-trend wine-spec festivals. In short, depending on numbers, festival organisers will have to stump up wads of cash to have police on-site in a similar fashion to any events over 2000 capacity in NSW. This sort of action has drummed up $13m for the NSW Government last year and it looks like the South Australian government wants a pice of the action.

We’re all about safety and want to see punters have a good night out but we’ve seen first hand the damage that blanket laws such as these (and lockout laws) can do in crippling the grass roots of having a ble nightlife and creating near impossible conditions for any big-scale events to continue.

Lets hope the people of Adelaide push back on these laws before it’s too late!

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