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Alison Wonderland releases her anthemic new single “Down The Line”

It’s not uncommon for artists to release vinyl exclusives, as Alison Wonderland did with “Down the Line” on the vinyl of her latest album, Loner. Luckily, the single is now available on DSPs and is out today with a new music video.

The official video for the track follows the misadventures of a trio of motivational speakers – acolytes of a fictional “Down The Line” movement, helmed by Alison – as they try to inspire a lackluster crowd. It was directed by Alison’s frequent collaborator, Prad Sen (The Avalanches), and produced by Fiona Dunn.

“We need the dark times in order to get to the light,” explains Alison Wonderland. “We need that experience to know that it’s going to be okay one day. The track is me acknowledging that I was alone during a difficult time but knew that I was going to get through it and be okay, down the line. We’re all going through a dark time right now, and sometimes we need to be reminded that it’s going to be okay. No matter what happens, we will be okay.”

Watch the video below.


Photo by Simoly G

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