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“ALL I HEAR” Serves Up Good Vibes: Fresh Funky Bass House Production from Emerging mau5trap Artist Link

“ALL I HEAR” Serves Up Good Vibes: Fresh Funky Bass House Production from Emerging mau5trap Artist Link

78%Overall Score

• Hyperpop, Piano House, Bass House…
• Unique lead sound and quality vocals
• Balance between mainstream appeal and creative uniqueness

On this cold and rainy evening, I’ve decided to bring some funk and positivity into my world. Winter is here, but I’m not in the mood for the same old bland and uninspired tunes that flood Spotify. That’s why I’m diving into Link‘s latest creation, highly recommended by fellow reviewer Yasif.

“ALL I HEAR” is a release from mau5trap, which is somewhat unconventional for this genre, but I’m here to share my perspective. As an avid listener in search of something danceable and lighthearted, I’m more interested in an exceptional release than the standard fare. “ALL I HEAR” fuses elements of Piano House, a distinctive vocal loop, and a funky build-up, resulting in a high-quality experience. It’s the kind of track I’d enjoy even on the radio. Achieving this level of creativity while maintaining mainstream appeal is no small feat.

The drop introduces subtle Hyperpop vibes without sacrificing the heavy bassline I had hoped for. It also showcases Link’s distinctive lead sound. The breakdown, predominantly Piano House in style, features a delightful vocal sequence that adds a refreshing touch.

In summary, “ALL I HEAR” presents a medley of intriguing concepts from Link, seamlessly woven together to cater to a diverse range of listeners. It certainly resonated with me. While I’m relatively new to Bass House/Hyperpop hybrids, this track has piqued my interest. I’m eagerly anticipating Link’s future innovations!

You can listen to “ALL I HEAR” here:

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