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Anna Lunoe talks motherhood on the move, delivers frenetic Mother's Day playlist [Q&A] – EDM All Day

While motherhood and globe-trekking DJing may not be innately synonymous, Anna Lunoe ensures the two endeavors never grow mutually exclusive.

It wasn’t long after the multi-talented “Bass Drum Dealer” migrated from her native Australia to LA that she was embraced by some of the most eminent faces in dance music—most decisive of these being Skrillex himself, who quickly brought her to his NEST HQ imprint back in 2014. Since then, she’s made auspicious appearances at Coachella, Ultra, Lollapalooza, and secured sanction as the first female solo female act to perform at EDC Las Vegas’s main stage. In addition to propagating her hectic shade of the electronic rainbow, which she aptly dubs HYPERHOUSE, Lunoe has been merging music and motherhood since giving birth in 2017 to her baby girl, Willa.

Lunoe sat down with EDM All Day to divulge into her maternal balancing act, the ways in which her daughter has altered her career, and new developments on the music front. And in honor of Mother’s Day 2019, she’s cooked up an unequivocally looney, hyper-as-heck playlist consisting of her favorite selects of the moment, including a few of her own most potent recent concoctions, of course.

What’s it like balancing mom/DJ/tour life?

It’s intense, a constant learning curve for everyone but it’s been insanely powerful and transformative for me personally. I approach everything in my life with more power and perspective.

How (if at all) has motherhood impacted your sound/you as an artist in general?

I’m more focused on what I want to do. There are constraints on everything, limitations to how much time I have to do things, to travel, what shows I say yes to, etcetera. I am forced to be very picky about how I spend my time. Ultimately, I think it’s made me a more sonically consistent artist, more intentional and way tougher.

Will you raise your daughter on mainly electronic music? Or where do your other sonic preferences lie?

No way; she listens to everything. But I do admit she is strangely into electronic, probably due to her heavy summer touring schedule in utero.

What does your mom think about your career/your music? 

She is slightly miffed, confused but ultimately proud and happy that I have a passion in life and a focus. I think she would like it if I moved a little closer to them, though.

Any new music or fun developments in the works you want to speak on? 

So much. There’s a new EP around the corner, Hyper House live stream by the end of the month, Red Bull remix lab, weekly radio, big summer festival plays and I have a little surprise for the fall too, if i can get it all done, that is.

Photo Credit: Heightline

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