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Apple Music launches music analytics tool, Apple Music for Artists

With the emergence of Apple Music For Artists, producers who host their releases on Apple‘s streaming platform will have a new way to monitor their music’s analytics. Exclusively available on iOS both as a desktop interface and as a mobile app, Apple Music For Artists gathers data on the amount of playlist-generated and organic streaming plays alike that a song amasses. It also follows their album and song sales on iTunes through a regularly updating data set.

Better yet, artists can additionally assess how specific songs and albums are received in different markets around the world. Apple Music For Artists enables producers to pinpoint cities in more than 100 countries, a functionality that will presumably allow artists to uncover previously unknown areas where they happen to be especially popular. The feature may also help artists to plot tours and stylize set lists to the preferences of fans in respective cities. Apple is currently working to integrate Shazam data into its data tool, which would show artists where Shazam’s of their music are most densely concentrated.

Apple Music For Artists is also programmed to notify artists about changes to their data, such as when they’re included on a prominent Apple Music playlist or when they reach milestone streaming thresholds like 1 million streams. Despite the wealth of information that Apple Music For Artist provides, it does not offer insights on how an act’s streams translate into royalty payouts.

H/T: Music Business Worldwide

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