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Asher Shashaty & Dani King Team Up For Uplifting Single, “Feeling” + Interview

Asher Shashaty has developed a unique style, sound, and genre range that is hard not to fall in love with. Mixing together eclectic influences, personal life experiences, and experimental foundations into each and every song, he brings a new music experience to the table that simply can not be ignored.

Now, he’s teamed up with the talented singer/songwriter Dani King for their uplifting single, “Feeling”. It’s a beautiful combination of pop and future bass, coming together seamlessly for a captivating and melodic anthem. Asher reveals, “Before starting this song I took a deep breath, and thought of what I really wanted for it. I always wanted Dani to do the vocals for the song, so it was made with that intention. She brought the song to life in a way I couldn’t have imagined, and I am honored to be able to work with her.”

Dani added, “I actually wrote this topline with my Australian friend, Max Hurrell. When we sat down in the studio together we wanted to write a song that reminded you of your teenage love. The good, the overdramatic, and the overarching story from start to finish. Asher connected with this topline and brought it to life in a way I love, but never expected. His style fits perfectly with my original intended vibe and I couldn’t love this song more.”

We also had the chance to ask them a few questions about their process, who’s inspiring them, and more. Enjoy!

Have you both worked together in the past?

Asher: We have not worked together in the past, but we are going to work more in the future! Expect another one from us soon!

Dani: This was our first collaboration together and it will not be our last! We both enjoyed the process so much and actually have another song in the works already. 

Asher, you mentioned the production process was different for you on this. Can you please expand on this?

Asher: I thought about what I wanted for the song and put all my intention into it. I used to produce very fast and breeze through projects without putting too much thought into each decision I made. This song helped me realize that I want to write with much more purpose.

Who are some artists inspiring each of you right now?

Asher: Some of my inspirations include Flume, Just A Gent, and NGHTMRE.

Dani: Now let’s be honest, I am a songwriter at heart. The songwriters I’ve been losing it over lately are Dezi, Chandler Leighton, Gracie Van Brunt, Luma, Soundr, Meggie York, Known As Nat, Monika Santucci, and so many others. I love seeing my friends succeed and all of them are stupidly talented. I’ve also been finding so much inspiration in mentoring – I teach vocal production and songwriting, and my vocal production students are all amazing songwriters. Sara Benyo, Keliza, Sonja Marie, just to name a few! 

What else can you share that’s upcoming for both of you this year?

Asher: My debut album Astral Spring comes out Feb 17th! Some songs on it include “Urban Forest”with Miyoki (Which received Spotify Editorial support), “What I Need” with Misdom, and “Feeling” with Dani King!

Dani: I have the song with Riot Ten and Mashbit coming out sometime this year, along with an amazing collaboration with Sippy on Allison Wonderland’s new label, FMU Records. I also have another song coming out on 2/15 with Outlandr on NCS. We plan on a TON of big releases this year, and more festival performances to go along with those releases! I’m really excited to see what the rest of the year has in store and we have only just started. 

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