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Atlantic Records Under Fire for Not Paying Producers Properly

Last year, Metro Boomin warned artists and producers to not let record labels “Steal Your Soul.” In 2018, that cautionary warning still remains.

Atlantic Records is under fire for allegedly not paying producers fairly.

In an interview with DJ Pain 1 and BeatStars, producer E. Dan, who has produced tracks for Wiz Khalifa, says Atlantic is allegedly using a practice calling albums “mixtapes” or “compilation albums” to avoid paying producers their regular rates. E. Dan cites Wizzy’s last project, Khalifa, as an example this practice.

"The Khalifa album, I don't know what they called it, a 'street album'?" he explains. "They came up with some really clever name that essentially meant, 'Everyone involved, you're going to get paid half what you normally do.' I've seen it happen ten over the last few years. Anything to save a buck for these labels."

As DJ Booth noted, it's highly unlikely that Atlantic Records is the only record label using this sneaky tactic to save on production costs.

"Just because everyone is doing something doesn't mean it should be accepted as kosher," they wrote in their editorial. "The label ate f that ("compilation") album. The producers should have, too."

Several noteworthy producers have chimed in on this controversial topic. Hitmakers Sonny Digital, DJ Burn One, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League and Benny Cassette went on Twitter to say that the practice is happening in the industry and it has to stop.

"This has been attempted on me by a couple labels (I won’t name here) and guess what…I didn’t care so I told them they couldn’t have the song. A week later got my full fee. You gotta be able to walk away if it’s not fair," tweeted Cassette.

In the end, every rapper and producer must take heed to "Industry Rule No. 4080: Record Company People Are Shady." Word to Q-Tip.

Check out some the reactions from producers below.

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