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Bandlez Shaking the Ground – Again! Impressive Rework of Crankdat’s Heavy Weapon “Ground Shake”

Bandlez Shaking the Ground – Again! Impressive Rework of Crankdat’s Heavy Weapon “Ground Shake”

82%Overall Score

• A Plot Twist with Different Elements and BPMs
• Loaded with Lasers, Fills, and Intense Vocal Elements
• Even More Aggressive Than the Original

Ground Shake wasn’t exactly a mellow tune to begin with, but now it’s been taken to a whole new level! The original track, a collaboration between Crankdat and Bandlez, is a Dubstep banger that I first came across in CRANKSMAS VOL. 4, Crankdat’s Christmas Mix. I don’t often come across drops as aggressive as this one, but it unquestionably deserved recognition. Let me paint a picture: a lengthy buildup that climaxes with a “aaaare you readyyy?” pre-drop vocal, a fake drop with the lead teasingly starting, and then the bass hitting with an explosion of growls and Dubstep subelements. And right after that, there’s a third, even more intricate drop segment.

Numerous artists tried their hand at remixing “Ground Shake” last week, and amidst some creative attempts from intriguing names like NVADRZ and VANM, I decided to delve into the ECRAZE & Bandlez Remix. Firstly, ECRAZE is an artist with remarkable potential, in my opinion, and Bandlez were already part of the original mix, so seeing their perspective on this VIP version promised to be intriguing. There were plenty of commendable edits to choose from.

The buildup in this “Ground Shake” remix is reminiscent of the original, but the drop introduces a complextro pattern that elevates the aggression and the Dubstep growls from the original to new heights. Lasers and fills are scattered throughout, the melody maintains a more linear trajectory (thank you!), preventing an excess of ingredients in the mix, and then there’s this final phase… I’d venture to call it Hardstyle, but I can’t quite pigeonhole the high-BPM conclusion of this “Ground Shake” version. A fusion of Dubstep and Hardstyle, it delivers a grand finale that leaves a fantastic aftertaste in my ears.

So, while “Ground Shake” was already a heavyweight weapon, this rework by ECRAZE and Bandlez introduces new dimensions that significantly enhance the final result by exploring different BPMs and elements. I highly recommend giving it a listen.

You can listen to “Ground Shake” here:

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