Bangerific & BLUK – Stamina (SHAMESOUNDS Edit)

Bangerific & BLUK – Stamina (SHAMESOUNDS Edit)

• Slower paced and atmosphere-setting vocal • Fusion of styles in a shape-shifting arrangements • Brutal drop with heavier and …

• Slower paced and atmosphere-setting vocal
• Fusion of styles in a shape-shifting arrangements
• Brutal drop with heavier and faster growls

Although this review is coming slightly late (around two weeks), but I had tough time deciding my highlight for this article between the four splendid songs present in the “Family EP Vol.3” from Madox Records. It is a label who has garnered my positive commendation time and time again, with a certainty that they release great productions now and then. In fact, in the EP, there are top-notch works from rising names such as LGHTR, Atherys, Zerolow, Natixx, RKSN and DMM. However there was something in “Stamina” which made it distinctive out of the bunch which caught my attention.

If you remember BLUK, the Indian producer was mentioned by us almost a year ago, when he won an official remix contest held by Quartzo. He has carved his own intriguing niche of dirty Electro House with heavy Bass House influenced trademark, while on the other hand, SHAMESOUNDS is a newer act for us. Since he has taken the role for editing the track, I believe that he perhaps changed certain technical details of the instrumental. Further, Bangerific has interested us with his fresh Big Room leaning signature.

The triad we are talking of have crafted a lethal combination under their supervision, because “Stamina” strikes harder than expected! I found funny how the lethargic vocal doesn’t even attempt to build-up towards the climax, and it is the doings of the base which executes this job single-handed. It adds to the genre staple “Gangsta” sound, which I truly enjoyed.

The growls placed by BLUK are magnificently constructed, suddenly shifting between distinctive patterns in a rapidly tonality-morphing approach. The sensation it renders is bouncier and extremely raw and vicious.. to some ends uncomfortable for my tastes and thus becoming an unforgettable element!

The breakdown emphasized on the pressure so created from the elevation towards the hook, that is, the drop segment. Dark and fascinating, it reminded me of STMPD’s style which has unexpected FXs and snippets for more energy. Even if having a brief structure, it does not waste time in bringing the groove.

Stamina” is a solid evidence of BLUK’s meticulous method in creation, and confirms Bangerific’s capability of turning any project to gold. SHAMESOUNDS has made an equal impression on me, however his future projects will describe more about him. Super fun track, definitely a favorite of mine from the Family EP, which is full of other engaging works to discover!

You can listen to “Stamina” here: