Bass (D)evolution – Ads Inside Song?

Bass (D)evolution – Ads Inside Song?

As it might be established by now, bass music is an essential part of my tastes. Dubstep, specifically, has been …

As it might be established by now, bass music is an essential part of my tastes. Dubstep, specifically, has been my favourite and hasn’t let me down so far. The artists involved in this genre deserve more recognition with all the new up and coming talents who are spearheading this niche with their distinctive sounds.
Modestep is an incredibly respected duo in the scene, with their iconic track “The Fallout” being remixed several times and their adept skills worth admiring.

And if you happen to follow Disciple on Instagram, you may have noticed a lot of sample packs of their main artists such as Virtual Riot or Barely Alive. However, the issue emerges here with their newest offering made by Modestep (and their latest single following it).

Is this a new trend?

“Bass Evolution” is their latest work, and I was deciding on whether to write a dedicated review for this one until I saw the shortcoming within the first twenty seconds. I thought it was a Spotify advertisement at first, but as soon as I heard “From Modestep”, I browsed the internet to confirm that it was an ad placement about their sample pack available on the major online sample library, Splice.

This can be considered as a notice of “what you can expect”, but instead it says “Go grab it now! It’s on Splice”. Why resort to this? As I said before, this is an actual release on Spotify! I have no problems if it was on a YouTube video or even a Soundcloud preview, but the decision to embed this on streaming sites seems not only unethical but annoying. Imagine blasting “Bass Evolution” to a party (since it’s dubstep) and hearing the ad.
I remember the Tiesto x 433 collaboration, but this is a whole new level of promotion. That too inside a production meant to be listened to without interruptions. If you look at the artwork for this single, there is even a Splice trademark. I understand this is an EDM partnership, but it has easily reached a level of brashness and intrusiveness which should not be entertained.

The production by itself is an ad more than a decent original composition. I respect the technicalities and using the sample pack for the entire song, but the notion of a commercial within it is a questionable and dubious practice.