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Beatport launches a handy streaming service for DJs

You have trouble choosing between going to KFC or Maccas for a hangover meal? Try crate digging over 7 million tracks before the next track finishes in the club.

Assuming you’ve got a decent internet connection, Beatport has launched a new and exciting streaming platform called Beatport LINK. Developed with arguably the market leaders of club DJ gear, Pioneer, the new platform works directly into Pioneer DJ’s WeDJ app. The service offers the DJ the opportunity to select from 7 million+ different tracks to DJ with live.

Come the last quarter of this year, the companies ambition is to have it integrated for DJ’s to use with the more popular Pioneer rekordbox software to hopefully spread far and wide.

This will be Beatport’s first crack at taking on other streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music with their own unique pivot towards DJs using. On the other side of this, they’re also BETA testing Beatport CLOUD which is more for the listener. In it’s first phase, they’re offering loyal customers full track previews at a price of US$4.99 a month, an all-new My Library section and unlimited re-downloads to anything they’ve previously purchased.

Are beatport a threat to Spotify and Apple Music?

Beatport LinkBeatport Cloud

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