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Behind-the-scenes video of Avicii surfaces hours after posthumous album announcement [Watch]

Behind-the-scenes video of Avicii surfaces hours after posthumous album announcement [Watch]

On April 5, Tim Bergling‘s team announced they’ll be releasing a posthumous Avicii album, with proceeds going to a nonprofit under his name. Only a few short hours after their announcement, they’ve followed up with an accompanying video giving a behind-the-scenes look into the artist’s younger years, as well as the decision-making that went into the forthcoming posthumous album release.

Avicii’s father and Universal Music Group president Per Sundin are the focal points of the video, with clips of Avicii producing the music on the forthcoming album scattered in between. Sundin gives insight into how they had planned on releasing a 16-song album while Bergling was still alive, and even notes that as a team they finalized the song selection alongside the artist the day he arrived in Oman, where he passed away on April 20 at the age of 28.

It’s been nearly a year since, and the music group has been trying to find a way to release the music in a way that would honor’s Bergling’s legacy and original wishes for the compilation. Together with the Bergling family, the music group decided that working with the co-producers of the 16 songs was the best way to proceed in releasing the music, as they were the ones who worked the long hours in the studio with the Bergling. Carl Falk and Vargas & Lagola are among the co-producers, singers, and songwriters featured on the album. The video showcases clips of them speaking about working with Bergling on the individual releases.

Those looking for a first listen of the music that is to come from the new album can find a sound bite of a track at the 3:30 mark in the video. Universal Music Group and the Bergling family then announce at the end of the video that the forthcoming album will simply be named Tim. The first track, titled “SOS,” is set to be released the week of April 8.

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