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Bibi Battles Cancer 40% Tumor Reduction Victory

In an inspiring turn of events, UK-based Tech House DJ and producer, Michael Bibi shares the triumphant news that his tumor has reduced by an astounding 40% following the first round of treatment.

In a heartfelt post shared on his Instagram, the Solid Grooves label head detailed the journey so far, in the face of his challenging diagnosis, and radiated positivity and gratitude.

A couple of months back, I was diagnosed with an unusual and scary type of cancer. While the news was shattering, I realized it’s just another test life throws at us. Today, I’m thrilled to share that after the first round of treatment, my tumor has reduced by 40%.

Michael Bibi

Music fans and artists alike have been captivated by Bibi’s courage and determination. The post, full of hope and optimism, was met with an overwhelming wave of support and admiration from the global music community.

The London-born DJ and producer, known for his infectious tunes like “Hanging Tree, has always been an advocate for perseverance. Despite the grueling effects of treatment, Bibi has continued to work on his passion, promising fans new releases and performances.

Cancer can take away all my physical abilities, but it can’t touch my mind, heart, and soul. And those are the places where I keep my love for music. I promise you, new grooves are coming, and once I’ve kicked cancer’s ass, a rave like you’ve never seen before.

Michael Bibi

The announcement has received incredible support from the dance music community, with DJs, producers, and fans across the globe sending their love, prayers, and well-wishes. Fans are eagerly waiting to witness the comeback of the “groove master”, knowing well that his spirit is unbreakable and his music, undying.

About Michael Bibi

Michael Bibi has stamped his mark on the music scene with a unique sound, recognized for its enchanting beats and captivating rhythms. Born and bred in London, he has evolved in the music industry as an unrelenting artist, producer, and founder of the leading label Solid Grooves. Bibi has delighted fans worldwide with his unforgettable performances and innovative music, with notable hits like “Hanging Tree and “Garden Of Groove“. Known for his resolute spirit, Michael’s journey is testament to his mantra, “A Life Lead by Grooves“. Follow his journey on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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