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Car-raves: The new norm?

Remember the days we casually decided to book tickets for a festival, packed up and had an uninterrupted rave session? Probably no, and perhaps not for another long stretch of time. But fear not, in this decade of technological advancements, it is not long before we have fool-proof (almost) substitutes. Browsing on the internet, we have come across weird options such as the “out of the Sci-Fi” rave suit designs. This, although as exciting as it sounds, is not easily accessible for everyone out there, which brings us to our today’s topic.

Drive-in has been an essential service at restaurants, and some readers may have a nostalgic mesmerizing of watching cinemas through their cars. Various parts of Europe, such as Denmark and Germany have already experimented with such concerts (or gigs). On the other side of the Atlantic, there has been numerous events in places like Detroit and Los Angeles. In fact, the very-first vehicular festival titled “Road Rave” is being planned to be hosted in the coming month, with headlining acts such as the renowned native Carnage.

How does this operate, one may ask? Quite simple. One has to drive-in, park in any designated spot and the sound is delivered via FM radio transmitters. Certain restrictions such as minimum passengers and audience number are placed beforehand to avoid congestion, along with other services such as food-catering delivered through vans or such. Entry prices are affordable, for example tickets to “Road Rave” starts at around 50 USD.

What do you think about it? Is this a viable replacement for now, or is the fuller experience hampered in this kind of set-up? Let us know in the comments below!

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