Chainix – Mindwave

Chainix – Mindwave

• Sturdy and dark production, inspired by RC vibes • Constricted melodic pattern that didn’t fully convince me • Exciting …

• Sturdy and dark production, inspired by RC vibes
• Constricted melodic pattern that didn’t fully convince me
• Exciting potentials exploited in this entertaining style

While crate-digging in internet for new songs from unheard and underrated talents, I happened to come across “Mindwave”, an enjoyable Trance Room production from one Chainix, and thus helped me decide my pick for the subsequent review for this week. Despite having a recent start in the industry, his adept production skills have certainly provided me with a great time.

In fact, this is the second release in Swiss creator’s career (his début was a similar “Up In Space” in Up High Recordings Miami Sampler), and there is heavier influences of the Rave Culture vibes.. A sign that the W&W label is inspiring not exclusive of us reviewers (all credits to their amazing roster so far), but also the new generation of artists. Specifically, SaberZ’s trademark is strongly present in this version of the mentioned genre.

There is an even more pleasing factor, with Chainix adopting a darker and grittier style to raise intrigue, however this acts as a double-edged sword. “Mindwave” paces with an unbreakable groove, hitting with a brutal atmosphere during both the breakdown and the drop portions. This particular fashion of melody, re-used for almost the entire duration, falls into a monolithic feeling that could not convince me wholly. Now, I do not claim any expertness in the technical aspects of productions, but my suggestion would be to explore options to revitalize the ongoing beat. In simple words, breaking the linearity would have perhaps embedded more stamina. Clichés have found their way here, but it could have operated well in this situation.

Subjective details apart, today’s subject does the most important work, that is to entertain. I clicked with its melody (the contrary would have been annoying to bear through), and the energy vibrated with this refreshing aggressive take. Also to mention one overlooked part, the placement and selection of the percussion were absolutely on point in this certain instrumental.

If this specific darker form of Trance Room blueprints get enough nurturing to proceed on a pleasing evolution, Chainix could actually ace in this competitive niche. He is headed in the right direction, even if predictions are hard to make at the initial part of someone’s career. Our best wishes to him, nonetheless!

You can listen to “Mindwave” here: