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CHYL’s creation “Let Go” aims to capture and amaze new listeners with the usual energy

CHYL’s creation “Let Go” aims to capture and amaze new listeners with the usual energy

73%Overall Score

• More delicate breakdown than usual
• Classic CHYL drop vibes
• Quality tune, well balanced

From Bass House moniker CHYL, I hold great expectations especially after a series of successful releases even though initially, I had some doubts when analyzing “Let Go”, her new release with ZOOTAH on Dim Mak.

Forget experimental and glitching sounds as heard in RAVE the Canadian creator stuck with something more formulaic this time- even though her creative flair is easy to spot. I would say this Bass House style is a consolidation of CHYL’s sound design; brimming with potential for more people to discover.

We have, in fact, a classic breakdown situation with fulfilling vocal elements, and a few chords to escalate the tension as simplicity remains the emphasis here. Not convinced at first, I started clicking with the flow as soon as the drop struck.

A classic CHYL drop with typical punching stabs, a framework that doesn’t shy away from changing pace and gives the same, refreshing aftertaste. Despite not being unfamiliar to me, I am sure that a Bass House fan who isn’t acquainted with her sound will immediately appreciate the “out of the box” methods. The drop cleanly extends the rest of the tune, delivering a well-mixed and polished instrumental.

While “Let Go” didn’t offer me the surprises I felt in past reviews involving this alias, I still believe amply that it’s a dynamic work; a showcase of ability to lure new listeners, as I managed to enjoy this even with a different perspective.

You can listen to “Let Go” here:

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