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CloZee lifts the veil on new album ‘Microworlds’ with first single out today

Earlier this month, CloZee and LSDREAM announced they have a collaborative album coming out next year, but also shared that they each have their own solo albums coming in 2023. Today, CloZee lifts the veil on Microworlds with the debut title track.

With Microworlds, CloZee explores her escapist mind to take listeners to imaginative, utopian places. Each song acting as a microcosm of sound, time, and space, ‘Microworlds’ follows suit with its inherently transportive nature.

Regarding the track, CloZee said, “‘Microworlds’ is the title track and also the introduction of the album. ‘Microworlds’ is about how humans are so closely related to our vast universe. Humans are little universes themselves. Our eyeball is like a planet, absorbing information, feelings, light and projecting them back. The iris is made of water streams, and our blood vessels are trees and their root systems. Looking into someone’s eyes is like looking at someone else’s world. That is what ‘Microworlds’ is about: stories, people, and memories that shaped my world, but that can also relate and shape someone else’s.”

Listen below.

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