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Damon Fletcher Releases One Of His Best Tracks Yet Titled “2 Miles” And Featuring The Crushboys

Washington, DC native Damon Fletcher better known as Damon, made the hip-hop world talk about him with his unforgettable debut track “Hustle With A Purpose.” Saying the release was something wholly unexpected and inspirational is to say nothing. The artist instantly claimed his place in the dance/EDM dome. However, to impress and attract the audience with one track is much easier than keeping them interested with further releases. Damon’s latest release, “2 Miles,” came to prove the artist’s success was not just a matter of luck. 

 “2 Miles” is the result of the mixture of Damon’s raw talent, perfect musical sense, and challenging, dedicated work he put into the track and production. Every element of the track is crafted with a detailed approach. Damon’s selfless devotion and love for his music make “2 Miles” the perfect release industry enthusiasts hoped to hear from the young artist. Expectations from him were quite high, considering the success gained with “Hustle With A Purpose.” 

 “2 Miles” holds the spirit of “Hustle With A Purpose” with its warm, intimate tunes. Both are filled with dance tunes and are collaborations with utmostly talented LA-based duo The Crushboys. “2 Miles” is even more EDM oriented than its predecessor. It is overflown with feel-good vibes and summer-filled tunes. The music video for the track is no less exotic and inviting than its music. it will make you want to buy a ticket, sit in an airplane, travel the whole world, see exotic islands, big cities and enjoy your life.

Give yourself a chance to enjoy the smooth, catchy beats of “2 Miles,” get lost in the atmospheric music video, and find yourself in the ninth cloud feeling fulfilled with Damon’s impressive tribal vocals.

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