DARKSIDE – Vicious

DARKSIDE – Vicious

• “Medieval” themed instrumental • Stunning kicks, brutal synths • A lot of potential for growth Peeking into the bottomless …

• “Medieval” themed instrumental
• Stunning kicks, brutal synths
• A lot of potential for growth

Peeking into the bottomless virtual pit of Electronic music that was released this week, I happened to discover an interesting personality. His aura attracted my attention towards his distinctive profile, and further that he has just released an EP on Hard Nation (a Hard Trap label) got me sold to pen an article. Titling himself as DARKSIDE, the motif and style of this artist is similar to SAYMYNAME’s trademarks akin to incredibly loud synths. This French producer showed his capabilities in this genre with “Goblins Invasion”, and today’s highlight for this article, “Vicious”.

Verifying its name, as it hints, this song is aggressive and addictive. The medieval vibes lingering in this tune are lovely, especially in the first segment with a notable (but repetitive, mind you) guitar riff that “melodizes” along with the voice chorus. It tends towards this mystical mood that one can be hooked right into and never be enough.
If you happen to be a sporty guy, this is your lucky day! The drop in this is like an adrenaline bomb driven by the monstrous kicks and deafening synths, and in my opinion perhaps noticeably louder than most productions in this genre.

The latter half adds to the same sounds as the previous one, so there are chances one might have mixed feelings and hence the experience becomes monotonous. At last, the build-up comes in to rescue the track with its well-crafted atmosphere, switching right to the creative second drop. Here, DARKSIDE unveiled his melody-crafting skills to make a surprising sound-design which constantly changes what it plays. Personally, this piece of work is the crown jewel of the entire record, and accompanying with its counterpart “Goblin Invasion”, makes the EP spectacular enough to listen from the mentioned act.

As about Hard Nation, this is an imprint that has made notable impressions on my book. This magnificent release sure must get the recognition it deserves to support the underrated creator behind it. Hoping to see more hard club-wreckers in the future!

You can listen to “Vicious” here: