Datsik cancels tour, steps down from Firepower

Datsik cancels tour, steps down from Firepower

If you thought the #TimesUp movement was confined to the highest circles Hollywood’s elite, you’re dead wrong. The movement that’s …

If you thought the #TimesUp movement was confined to the highest circles Hollywood’s elite, you’re dead wrong. The movement that’s sparked the long-overdue call for a cultural shift in how we approach sexual harassment is gaining traction in schools, workplaces, and on social media by the day — moving toward a state real accountability for wrongdoing.

Now, ‘s time appears to be up. News recently broke the Canadian DJ, born Troy Beetles, alleged sexual misconduct on tour. The initial allegation was quickly corroborated by numerous women on social media all over the country, detailing instances over the span more than four years worth touring. Less than 24 hours after the accusations surfaced, Datsik has disappeared from the electronic music scene. Here’s the timeline events that have essentially wiped Datsik f the map indefinitely.

March 14, 2018  —  News breaks

Beetles’ life, as he knew it, rapidly began deteriorating after tweets from user PortersWorlds began to go viral. The tweets alleged a history sexual misconduct, replete with , that multiple women began to corroborate with their own personal accounts. Accusations are just that, and, as publication, Datsik has yet to be charged with any crimes stemming from the allegations.

What’s irrefutable, however, is at this point a pattern behavior has been identified and corroborated many times over. Claims that female meet and greet guests were given access credentials that say “TULSA” — allegedly so as to spell out “a slut” when viewed in a mirror — began cropping up, and claims rampant drug use and unwarranted physical advances on multiple tour stops started to mount.

As social media activity picked up, Datsik’s tourmate on his current Ninja Nation tour, announced he was pulling out from the remainder the tour until his team has the opportunity to investigate the claims made by a growing number alleged victims. Scrambling to add his own perspective to the burgeoning story, Datsik released a statement social media, a move that turned out to be considerably more damaging. The statement flatly reads, “there have been recent allegations against me for things I have not done,” adding that “being out on] tour is a safe and fucking rad zone for us all.”

Datsik cancels tour, steps down from Firepower

March 15, 2018  —  Ninja Nation Tour, Firepower, social media lockdown

Following the Twitter storm that ignited these allegations, and the subsequent loss one tourmate, Beetles’ team released a second statement that the remainder the Ninja Nation tour is now canceled, gutting the final 16 dates that were slated for the summer. Shortly after the announcement, , founded by Datsik in 2012, announced it would be parting ways with Beetles in light the accusations brought against him, transferring creative direction responsibilities to label manager Sharra Grace.


After losing the endorsement his own imprint, Datsik’s own Twitter account went private — notably, this means previous tweets, a number which were, to say the least, troublesome, will no longer show up in search engine results.

and Deckstar announced they have severed ties with the artist as well.

“In light recent allegations that have come forth, we have decided to sever our relationship with Datsik at this time,” Deckstar said in a statement. “Although we lack concrete information to confirm or deny these allegations, the nature and volume the accusations demand swift and decisive action. We have always held ourselves and clients to the highest standards and believe that at this time it is in the best interest our company and staff to move on.”

It is worth reiterating that accusations are not charges. It is not the purpose this post to speculate on innocence or guilt. But silence is complicity, and the music industry may wind up experiencing its own “Weinstein Effect” in the coming months. In the last six months alone, , , and many more have been embattled in similar legal situations, and while Beetles deserves the opportunity to speak his side any story, as now we can conclusively say Datsik is indefinitely done.

March 15, 2018  — Bais Haus releases statement that Datsik will no longer be apart Ephwurd.