David Guetta Gets Put On Blast For Lackluster Performance At Euro 2016

David Guetta Gets Put On Blast For Lackluster Performance At Euro 2016

Back in June, David Guetta took to the Stade de France to perform the official Euro 2016 anthem “This One’s For You” alongside a spectacle of circus performers, guest vocalists, dancers and decorations. Today, before Portugal and France faced off in the final match of the tournament, he returned to the stage to play out the track once again. This time, in following with the previous performance, it was met with a storm of condemnation from Twitter users.

Joe.Ie compiled a list of several scornful tweets, each of which seem to convey a sense of disdain and confusion at Guetta’s presence at the tournament. Check some of them out below.

As a tribute to David Guetta the French midfield has be entirely pre-recorded for this final. #EURO2016

— Colm Tobin (@colmtobin) July 10, 2016

David Guetta looks like the son Brendan Gleeson refuses to acknowledge

— Richie McCormåck (@RichieMcCormack) July 10, 2016

I once saw David Guetta 'DJ' in a club. It was hilariously awful.

— Dave Hanratty (@HanrattyDave) July 10, 2016

live performance of "this one's for you" by david guetta sounds identical to all the recorded versions i've heard pic.twitter.com/m70AthaJoH

— Ken Early (@kenearlys) July 10, 2016

More like 'Guetta fucking real job'.

— Clon (@clonmacart) July 10, 2016

Between Deschamps' teeth, the swarm of moths, David Guetta and Cristiano Ronaldo, we're up to four signs of impending apocalypse.

— P E Bloomfield (@parisiangldfish) July 10, 2016

Don't hate David Guetta he is an inspiration to all of us out here with little or no talent to speak of. We can all be millionaires one day.

— Amelia (@roqueandrolle) July 10, 2016

David Guetta back at Stade de France… The only thing we wanted to see less than #POR in the final ? #PORFRA

— Jonathan Johnson (@Jon_LeGossip) July 10, 2016

Cosing ceremony is an accordian, a brass band and string section playing Seven Nation Army. And David Guetta on the decks. Not a classic.

— Oliver Kay (@OliverKayTimes) July 10, 2016


Source: Joe.Ie

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