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Deep House Dance Producer Funky Fruit Releases Latest Banger “Double Vision”

Guitar/Deep House Dance producer Funky Fruit continues his sublime journey in music with an otherworldly release simply titled “Double Vision.” The beat, atmospheric vocals and overall vibe distill an addictive vibe that sustains throughout the 2:28 minutes of pure bliss. 

After composing minimal piano music since being 50cm shorter, the Dutch producer Funky Fruit got lost in the multi-coloured world of EDM and found out that making feel-good songs did actually make him feel really good. Taking influence from a variety of EDM sub-genres and artists by the likes of Lost Frequencies and Deepend, Funky Fruit started releasing his own tracks in March 2019 with a signature sound that scores high on the feel-good-scale. His first commercial release Gimme was well received, generating over 1+ million streams on Spotify alone. 

More recently, with new tracks and international collaborations with Luke Coulson, Ben Botfield, Lana Lubany, and Bastien, the Dutch producer has shifted his focus further towards the mainstream pop-side of EDM with releases such as Blend, Spiritual and I Love Life. With exciting new releases coming up, Funky Fruit will continue making waves in the ocean of songs for a long time to come.

What stuns at first is the perfection of the melodic constructions, perfectly intertwined with the enthralling rhythms, all together creating an infectious track that will soon become a classic electronic music anthem. For all these reasons, make sure to get familiar with Funky Fruit’s heavenly music. 

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